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Baseball Camp Resource Section

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Baseball Camp Resources

The following sponsors have contributed to help make this baseball camp a success.
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Scroll down to view the baseball camp resources including the Athlete Homework Journal, Hitting Resources, Pitching Resources and Baseball Trivia

Athlete Homework and Video Log

Enter your Player ID (get this from Coach Sonntag:

Hitting Resources

Watch Your Winter 2011 Hitting Video

Manny Ramirez hitting video
Joe Mauer batting stance (best hitter in baseball)
Pay close attention to the position of the important elements of his stance. His feet form a strong base, weight mostly on the inside of his back foot, his front foot, knee, hip, elbow, and shoulder are all in a slight closed position. His hands are back and at shoulder height. Look carefully at how the knuckles of his hands line up and the angle of the bat.

Hitting Instructions - My Favorite Expert

There are many people selling their baseball hitting instruction materials on the internet. Most of them know at least a bit about the topic. My favorite hitting instructor is Coach Joe Brockoff. Rather than waste your time telling you why I think he is my favorite, I have decided to post the links to his introductory videos below so you can see for yourself:

I really enjoyed watching these hittting video and I hope you do as well.

Pitching Resources

Roy Halladay: Roy Halladay Pitching
Watch how directly in line his feet are with home plate and how he drives his front hip towards his target. Notice also which end of the rubber he is throwing from.
Roy Halladay: Roy Halladay Pitching
Notice when he is in full stride how far apart his hands are then as he lands on his stride foot how he "pulls" his front arm back as his motion starts forward, notice in this video that he is throwing from the other end of the rubber compared to the video above. Halladay will throw from opposite ends of the rubber depending on left or right handed batters.
Roger Clemons Roger Clemons Pitching
Watch how his back leg comes up and over as he completes the pitch.
Roger Clemons Roger Clemons
Notice how his throwing hand stays on top of the ball and the very small sideways step he uses to begin his pitching motion, putting him in excellent position to set his foot in front of the rubber and lift his lead leg.
Roger Clemons Roger Clemons
From this angle you can see how all his energy is directed straight towards the target, his catchers glove.
Greg Maddux Greg Maddux
In this warm up sequence, watch for several things. First, stop the video at the top of his leg lift on all three pitches, look at the position of his legs, feet and hands, absolutely textbook. Second, notice how simple his mechanics are, absolutely no excess movement. Third, look at the catchers glove and how he barely has to move to catch the second pitch, and does not need to move it at all on the first and third pitches. Maddux was the definition of a control pitcher, with great late movement on everything. He was also a master at setting up hitters.

Baseball Trivia

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