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Galen Sonntag, Your Baseball Instructor

The Complete Pitcher Baseball Program and The Complete Player Baseball program are built around a solid framework of baseball instruction learned by Galen Sonntag through his playing career and coaching experience. Galen has coached at every level of Minor Baseball in Regina and Saskatoon so he understands the abilities and capabilities between the ages.
In 1984, Galen played for the Canadian National Youth Team, after which he attended Lewis-Clark State College on a full scholarship. During the next 4 seasons he helped The Warriors win three NAIA National Championship titles and received the honors of All-American and Academic All-American. In the summer of 1986 Galen also played for the Canadian National Senior Team. Galen was born in Saskatoon, but played most of his Minor Baseball in Lethbridge, AB and Brandon, MB. Galen is currently the coach of the Midget AAA Cubs in Saskatoon.

The Complete Player and The Complete Pitcher Program both follow the A.M.C.E. skill development path:
  • Awareness
  • Mechanics
  • Control
  • Energy
These principles are used to develop a sound understanding of proper mechanics and to create a development path to improving each athlete's physical abilities to perform the sport activity. In addition, the mental approach to hitting, fielding, base running, and fielding will be taught to improve the athlete's knowledge of the game and help them in on field and situational decision making.

The Complete Player Personal Instruction

A program will be custom designed based on the areas of your game you wish to target for improvement and may include:
  • Personalized pitching instruction
  • Core throwing mechanics, accuracy & strength
  • Fielding ground balls with confidence
  • Fielding fly balls
  • Core swing mechanics for hitting
  • Hitting for average
  • Hitting for power
  • Mental approach to hitting
  • Video analysis
  • Arm strengthening
  • Age appropriate base running techniques
The Cost for personal instruction is $100 per hour plus any travel expsense as required. Team instruction rates are also available upon request. To Request a Personal Instruction Session, Complete the following form.
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