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2b: Base Running - Second Base: second base is known as scoring position as the runner has a good chance to score on any hit, including a single.

Beginner: When running from second to third on a ground ball, the runner should head stright towards the base, watching the third base coach. If the infielder misses the ball, the coach then gives the instructions to round the bag and head for home. After rounding the bag, the runner should be watching the coach for instructions. The coach shold position himself about one third the way down the third base line, while keeping an eye on the ball and fielders. If the runner can score, wave the runner home. If the runner can not score, put up the stop sign. Coaches, make sure you are far enough away from the baseline so that you do not interfere with the runner.

With a runner on second, and first base open, the runner does not have to go to third on a ground ball. The easy rule on this is on a ground ball in front of the runner, stay on your base. On a ground ball behind the runner, run to third. You do not want the runner to get tagged out by the third baseman when there is no force play. On a ground ball in front of the runner, an aggressive play is to run to third on the SS or 3B throw to first base. At the beginner level, the runner will be safe 90 percent of the time.
Intermediate: When the runner on second, with third base open, sees a pitcher begin in the full wind up position, he is giving you third base for free. As soon as the pitcher begins his throwing motion, take off. By the time the pitcher releases the ball, you will be over half way to third. The catcher will have no chance. This situation happens quite frequently in the first couple of years of live pitching with lead offs. If the pitcher decides to stop their motion, afer beginning from the full wind up, with runners on base, it is a balk.
Advanced: With a good baserunner on second base, and a routine fly ball to right field, or center field, the runner should tag up and begin running to third, with their eyes on the coach. The coach reads the throw from the outfield and signals to the runner to either stop or keep running. The runner, when tagging, should watch for the catch and beginning running on their own. Depending on the line of the throw, the coach should instruct the runner as to which side of the base to slide to, furthest from where the catch will be made.

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