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home: Batter: the batter's job is primarily to hit the ball. Turning into a smart baserunner after the hit can increase the number of doubles and triples and force defensive errors leading to extra bases.

Beginner: Running through first base on a ground ball seems like a silly thing to do for a young ball player. Most beginning players beleive that you should run to the base, and stop. If you are off the base, you can get out. Of course, it is much faster to run through the bag at first, at full speed. Talk to your young players and explain the rule about running through first base, that this is in the rules and you are not out if you do so.

Drill: The hand slap. Have your players line up at home plate. The first player stands in the batter's box, swings at an imaginary pitch, then runs to first base. A coach stands 10 to 12 feet past the base, in fair territory, with his left hand reaching into foul territory. After running across the bag at first, the batter runner must tag the coach's hand then turn to the right before slowing down. When running to first, the batter runner should run just to the foul side of the foul line.
Intermediate: Rounding 1st. On a ball hit to the outfield, the batter should always be thinking about 2nd base. For the first three quarters of the way to first, the runner should stay close to the base line. Then, with about 4 or steps left, make a swing to the right then back to the left so as to cut accross the inside corner of first base and create a better angle to second base. The decision to try for second base should be up to the runner, not the coach. On a hard hit groundball to the left side of the diamond, the runner should pay attention to the coach. If the infielder makes the play, and there is a throw to first, the coach should tell the runner to run straight through the bag. If the fielder misses the ball and it goes to the outfield, the coach should tell the runner to round the bag and tell him where the ball is. It is then the runner's decision as to whether they can make it safely to second.
Advanced: When a passed ball occurs on ball four or strike three, with a runner on third and second base open, consider sending the runner around first base and on to second. If the catcher makes a throw to second base, from the backstop, it is and easy scoring opportunity.

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