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Most baseball practices are run very inefficiently and become very boring for the participating players. This leads to inattention and lack of hustle. 2 Batter BP is designed to increase the number of players actively involved and reduce the time required for batting practice by 50%.

Two coaches position themselves about 20 feet apart, on either side of the pitchers mound. 2 batters take similar positions on either side of home plate. Coaches alternate pitches between the two batters so that only one ball is in play at one time. Both coaches need to pay attention to the batter receiving the pitch and be prepared for line drives. When possible, position the batters so that left handed batters hit from the first base side and right handed batters hit from the third base side. This reduces the number of line drives to the power alley with the coach directly in the way of a pull hitter.

Players not batting should be in the outfield shagging balls. Position one player with a ball bag behind second base. All shaggers throw the balls to the bag man.

4 batters should be in at the same time. 2 batters are batting and the other two are preparing to bat. The first pair should receive approximately 10 to 12 swings then switch with the second pair. At the time of the switch, all four batters gather up any balls around the backstop and throw out to the coaches. The bag man bring in the balls collected from the shaggers during this break if needed. Each pair receives 2 rounds, the first of 10 to 12 swings, the second of 6 to 8 swings. As the fist pair completes their second round, a next pair of hitters should come from shagging to the warm up area. Continue until all players have had their at bats.

The keys to getting through BP quickly are to have the balls gathered quickly and brought to the coaches. If coaches are retrieving balls, they are not throwing.

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To comment on any of these baseball tips please send us an email.  Baseball is a tremendously enjoyable game for kids to play.  These baseball coaching tips are provided to make the game easier to coach and increase the skill level of your baseball players.  This website is dedicated to the advancement of minor baseball players. It is about developing the fundamental skills of young baseball players by providing them instruction and coaching appropriate to their age and skill level.

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