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If you only have one coach to throw BP, then combine BP with ground balls to get more action and more players involved.

A coach throws BP from the mound while batters bat from the plate. Have three batters in at one time, one at the plate and two preparing to hit. Each batter takes two or three rounds of hitting, 10 to 12 swings per round. Any more than this number of swings and arms begin to tire and swing mechanics break down. As soon as one batter completes a round, all the batters pick up the loose balls and return them to the coach. As the first batter completes his final round, a shagger should replace him.

As BP is occurring, a second coach should be hitting ground balls to players in either shortstop or second base position. The coach hitting grounders should be positioned well into foul territory on the same side of the field as the fielder so as to not hit grounders near the coach on the mound. The on deck circle is usually a good location. If a ball is hit by the BP batter, which is not to the fielder, the coach immediately hits a grounder to the fielder. The fielder fields the ball and motions as if to throw the ball to first (as if completing a play) or any other given base, then tosses the ball back to the coach. If the BP batter does not hit the pitch, then no grounder is hit to the fielder. Fielders can pair up and alternate so that one fielder is always ready.

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