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This warm up routine will require from 45 minutes 50 minutes and is well suited to players aged 10 years and older. Players must arrive at the park and have their cleats on a minimum of one hour prior to scheduled game time. It is important that players do not just arrive at the field, pick up a ball and start throwing right away. A proper warm up will prepare their muscles and get them game ready.

1. Light Jog 5 minutes. Jog around the outside fence of the park. If this is not possible, players should jog along the inside edge of the fence. Avoid the opponents warm up area.

2. Stretching 5 minutes. Players should work up from ankles and legs to upper body and finally arms.

3. Agility work 5 minutes. Four markers (usually gloves) area placed extending out from the foul line. Players separate in to two groups and perform light sprints back and forth from the first glove to the second, to the first, to the third, to the first, to the forth, to the first. Repeat again with a sideways cross over run.

4. Throwing and waffle ball BP. -15 minutes. Two coaches each take a bucket of waffle balls to the outfield and start waffle ball BP with the starting pitcher and catcher as the first two hitters. Two others shag balls then hit next. The remainder of the team play warm up catch while they wait for their BP turn. To make sure the batting practice runs quickly, the shaggers should return the balls to the coaches side. Coaches should not have to retrieve balls, or else they are wasting valuable warm up time. Players playing catch should start at a short distance, approximately 1/3 of the basepath distance, gradually increasing the length of the throw to about 1-1/2 times the length of the basepath. The starting pitcher should only play light toss at this time.

5. Ground Balls 5 minutes. As players complete their waffle ball BP and throwing, a coach can hit them ground balls on the sidelines.

6. Infield/Outfield 10 minutes. The home team should begin their infield/outfield approximately 25 minutes prior to game time, followed by the visiting team.

7. Pitcher warm up. The starting pitcher should begin his warmup about 15 minutes prior to the time he is expected to enter the game. Before throwing, the starting pitcher should have performed all the warm up and stretching listed above and be ready to begin. If the team is home, the starting pitcher should plan to be game ready 5 minutes before his team takes the field so that he can have a short rest and a drink of water. The pitcher on the visiting team should time his warm up to be game ready at the start of the top of the first inning.

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