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The starting pitcher should begin his warmup about 15 minutes prior to the time he is expected to enter the game. Before throwing, the starting pitcher should have performed all the warm up and stretching listed above and be ready to begin. If the team is home, the starting pitcher should plan to be game ready 5 minutes before his team takes the field so that he can have a short rest and a drink of water. The pitcher on the visiting team should time his warm up to be game ready at the start of the top of the first inning.

The starting pitcher has the luxury of advance notice and time to prepare for their outing. A proper pre-game routine will ensure the pitcher is prepared physically for the game. To begin with, pitchers should follow the same pre-game routine as other players, including running, stretching, and batting. One exception is pitchers should only play light toss before beginning their actual warm up in the bull pen. About 30 minutes before the start of the game, the starting pitcher should take a seat on the bench and rest for approximately 15 minutes. Each pitcher will vary slightly in how much pre-game throwing they will need so get to know the individual nature of your pitchers and how much time they need. Vary these times accordingly. In addition, weather will play a factor. In hot humid weather, a pitcher will get loose quicker. In cold weather, increase the warm up time, especially the amount of short toss. Also, in cold weather, reduce the time in between the completion of warm up and game to keep the pitchers body, especially their legs, from getting cold.

Fifteen minutes prior to hitting the mound, the pitcher should be playing light toss in the bull pen, at about 2/3 of the distance. The pitcher should gradually move back until they are throwing from about 10 feet behind the rubber. This slowly warm up and stretches the arm to be ready for a full throwing motion. The entire time the pitcher is throwing in the bull pen for warm up, they should use their full pitching motion.

10 minutes prior to game time, the pitcher should be working from the mound, full pitching motion, and gradually increasing velocity. When the pitcher is about 75%, he should begin alternating pitches. If his pitches include a fastball and changeup, then he should alternate fastball / changeup while he also work up the velocity. Doing this ensures the pitcher has a “feel” for all pitches before he has to throw them in game situations. The pitcher should complete the last 2 minute, 15 pitches, at full game speed, again working through all pitches and working on putting the fastball in locations such as up and in and down and away, to both sides of the plate. The pitcher should determine when he feels game ready and then go sit down for a short break before entering the game. Once the pitcher begins his warm up pitches from the game mound, he should again use all his pitches, three fastballs to start with and then his off-speed stuff, to re-establish the ‘feel’ from the game mound.

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