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The Drill: pepper

Description: Players line up in a line with their gloves, one player is positioned 20 feet away facing them with a bat. The first player in line tosses a pitch to the batter who hits a soft ground ball to the fielders. The fielder who caught the ground ball now pitches to the batter. If the ball is caught in the air, the fielder who caught the ball is now the batter. After 10 ground ball, the fielder at the head of th line becomes the batter. If a fielder makes an error, as judged by the batter, he moves to the back of the line.

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To comment on any of these baseball tips please send us an email.  Baseball is a tremendously enjoyable game for kids to play.  These baseball coaching tips are provided to make the game easier to coach and increase the skill level of your baseball players.  This website is dedicated to the advancement of minor baseball players. It is about developing the fundamental skills of young baseball players by providing them instruction and coaching appropriate to their age and skill level.

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