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The Drill: Fence to Home

Description: Competitive drill to reinforce the proper relay techniques. Works on sharpening awareness and quick relay throws.

Instructions: Create teams of 4 players. One player starts at dead centerfield with the ball sitting on the ground. A second player is positioned on the cut of the outfield grass behind 2nd base. A third player is positioned 1/2 way between 2nd base and the pitchers mound. The 4th player is at home plate. The player at the wall begins by picking up the ball and throwing to the second player, who relays to the third who relays to home. Each player must touch the ball in order. In case of an overthrow, the missed player must get the ball before relaying. Players can not touch the ball out of turn. Each team does the drill twice. Best combined time wins. The clock starts when the first player touches the ball and stops when the last player has the ball and touches the plate.

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