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RF – Given a choice between out fielders, place the strongest throwing arm in Right Field. With a longer throw to 3B, arm strength can be an asset to minimize the advancement of runners from 2nd to 3rd on hit balls.

Beginner: As with LF and CF, finding a young player who can track and catch a fly ball is a rare find, especially in game situations. Rather than worry too much about fly balls, make sure your rigtht fielder reacts to every ball towards 2B and 1B to back up the play and contain the misses. Make sure the right fielder has second base in mind when they get the ball. On rare occassions, a very hard hit ball to the right fielder can end up in a put out at first base (very rare).
Intermediate: Learning to hit the cut off man, weather throwing to 2nd, 3rd, or home, is more important then pure arm strength. Unless your right fielder can throw a one-hopper 275 to 325 feet, you will need the cut off man, especially on a ball hit to the outfield fence. On throws to home, this the 1st baseman, to 2nd and 3rd, it will be the 2nd baseman. The general rule on throws to 2B is if the outfielder comes in on the ball, the throw should go straight through, with out a cut off man. If the outfield has to back up, use the cut off man. To avoid over throws, the outfield should attempt to make every throw a one hop throw. This gives the infielder the ability to adjust front and back, and side to side, to catch the ball on a big hop and make the next play.

Drill: For an outfielder throwing drill, place your outfielders together, in various positions around the outfield. Set a pitching screen, or other large object, directly behind a base. Hit fly balls and ground balls to the fielder who must hit the screen on one hop. Miss the screen, more than two hops, or no hops, and the fielder runs a lap.
Advanced: The toughest play for a right fielder is the line drive off field hit slicing to the corner off the bat of a right handed hitter. Played incorrectly, it quickly turns into a triple. Played correctly, it can be held to a single. On line drives and ground balls to the outfield, teach your players to overplay the ball. This means getting behind the ball first then coming forward to meet the ball. This will minimize the number of balls that get to the corner. As a right field, when a ball is sliced (or pulled by a left handed hitter) towards the corner, have the fielder initially run directly towards the corner where the home run and right field bleacher fences meet. As the fielder overtakes the ball, they can round it off and make the catch moving towards the infield. A stronger throwing position results. The half a second longer it takes to get to the ball is more than offset by a quicker, stronger, and more accurate throw, with fewer ball making it to the corner. The same principle should be applied on balls hit to the right field gap. Over play the ball then make the catch moving towards the field..
  The Dream Play: The “Dream Play” for the right fielder is the fly ball to medium right field with a runner on second advancing to third. A “gun” for an arm is required to make the one-hop throw to the waiting third baseman.

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