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Bunt Defense
You should have two objectives when defending a bunt. The first is to set your defensive players up for a shot at getting the lead runner. The second is to make sure you get at least one out.

Corners In: With a runner on first, play the first and third basemen about 5 steps in front of the baseline. On the pitch, they charge the plate, staing close to the foul line. If a bunt is laid down, they field the ball with the intent of throwing to second base to make an out on the lead runner. If there is no play, get the out at first. If the runner on first base is a threat to steal, the first baseman must first hold the runner then charge the plate on the pitch. The shortstop covers 2B and the second baseman covers 1B. If the play is made at first base, either the third baseman or pitcher must cover 3B.

1st base charge:With runners at 1st and 2nd, the third baseman holds the bag while the 1st baseman starts several steps in from the baseline and charges on the pitch. The pitcher covers the 3rd base side of the diamond. This is a tough play for a right handed 1st baseman due to the difficult throw to third base.

Corner Charge:With runners at 1st and 2nd, you can still charge both corners, but you need to cover third base with the short stop. Only use this play if you are absolutely sure the batter is bunting and you are late in a very close game where one run matters. You need to first run a fake pick at second base to hold the runner close and give the shortstop time to cover third. This is a timing play between the shortstop and the pitcher. The shortstop leaves his position to go cover thirdbase. The pitcher must give him a sufficient headstart before beginning the pitch. The second baseman covers first base in the event that there is no play at third base. You are giving up second base, asd well as losing defensive coverage up the middle as your middle infielders must break to third and first in time to beat the runner and the be ready for the possible throw.

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