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The day before a tournament, the last thing you should do is try to cram all your baserunning drills and bunt defensive plays and pick off plays into a practice. These are things you build over the year. Instead, you want a team that is loose and relaxed and has fun playing the game of baseball. Use this Severely Modified Scrimmage to get game ready, infuse some competition, and have fun the day before a tournament.

Rules 1. Create two teams - players should play their regular fielding positions as much as possible. Mix up the starters with the second string players. 2. Coaches pitch, preferably behind an L-screen. 3. Start innings with one out and one runner on first (last out from last inning). 4. Each batter starts with 1 strike and 1 ball. 5. Opposing catcher is umpire.

Play 3 innings or so and let the players decide what the offensive and defensive plays should be. This get's their minds in the game as well.

After some fun competition, watch how eager the team is the next day for your first tournament game.

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