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The Shift
Some batters are described as "dead pull hitters". These are often power hitters. They most often will hit the ball to the pull side of the field. Put the shift on to place more fielders where they will hit the ball.

There are two parts to the shift, the infield shift and the outfield shift.
Outfield Shift: You should shift your outfield to shade most hitters to pull, but with a pull hitter, the shift is more pronounced. For a lefthanded pull hitter, move your left fielder to center field, just to the left field side of dead center. Your center fielder plays the right center gap, and your right fielder plays halfway between his normal position and the foul line. In some situations, you may want to swap your fielders, to put your center fielder (likely your best outfielder) in the position the is most likely to be hit to. For a right handed pull hitter, do the opposite.
Infield Shift: You are overloading to the side of the field where you beleive the ball will be hit. You can play your fielders deep on the first base side for a left handed pull hitter, and shift their positions. Play the first baseman one step and a dive from the line, the second baseman in the hole between the normal 1B and 2B positions, and the shortstop on the 1B side of second base. Your third baseman will need to stay relatively close to his normal position to guard against an easy bunt to an open diamond. For a right handed pull hitter shift, move the SS to the deep hole and place the second baseman to the SS side of the second base bag.

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