Free Baseball Practice Drills


Sonntag Sports Management is pleased to provide the Free Baseball Drill Program to amateur Baseball coaches

These baseball activity cards will be an invaluable resource for you planning your practices. Each activity is designed to help young athletes improve their baseball skills and athletic literacy, making the game of baseball more enjoyable. Links to the left load up the full series of activity cards. These cards have been developed through work of a Long Term Athlete Development program.

You can upload your own recommended baseball drills here including a picture or diagram and a written description.

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Race Around the Horn
Fielding & Throwing
Throwing Accuracy
  • Runner starts near first pylon. Player 1 has wiffle or tennis ball in their glove.
  • Player one starts race by throwing the ball to player 2.
  • Once player one has thrown the ball the runner races around the pylons and make it back to the start before the players complete a "round the horn" (a thrown ball from player 1 to player 2 to player 3 to player 4 and back to player 1).
  • The assistant coach can run the same drill or another drill in a different area.

Hit the Hat
Fielding & Throwing
Throwing Accuracy
Show proper throwing technique to players - emphasize point your glove to your target and reach back with throwing arm and follow through. Be sure players are using their feet when they throw. Have your assistant coach help introduce the drill. Players should be with a partner and they should be fairly far part. Have the players take their hats off and place them about 5 to 7 yards in front of them. Players should begin throwing the ball to their partner but trying to hit their partners hat laying on the ground. The partner who hits their partners hat the first is the winner. Repeat the drill and have players switch partners. Make sure players are playing catch in the same direction. The X's in the diagram are the player's hats.

Garbage Can Lid GB
Fielding & Throwing
Proper Ground Ball Hands
Introduce proper fielding position. Introduce the term that on a ground ball the glove is the garbage can and the hand on top is the garbage can lid. Once you catch a ground ball you close the lid. Have players roll ground balls to each other. Make sure there is space between partners. Coaches walk around and provide encouragement. Older players can make it a game by playing a game of H-O-R-S-E. A bobbled ball or a ball between the legs is a letter.

Arm Position for Throwing
Fielding & Throwing
Proper Arm Position
Have players begin on one knee, with the same knee as their throwing arm on the ground, with a partner opposite them about 20 feet away. Players begin with the ball in their throwing hand and create the shape of an "L". The throwing elbow should be even with the should, the ball above their head and away from their head, above the elbow. glove hand should be on the raised kneed. Player with the ball reaches forward quickly with their throwing arm extending towards their partner. Teach the player to keep their arm moving until it swings past their glove.

Quarterback Drill
Fielding & Throwing
catching a ball while running
Have a coach start with a player facing him in a good outfielders position. The coach will point in the direction of where he wants the player to start running. As the player starts running the coach will lob the baseball or wiffle ball in a high arc and the player runs and attempts to make a catch. The player will jog back to the line with the baseball and place it in the bucket as they await their next turn to run and catch. This drill works on footwork - using a drop step and run as well as tracking a high fly ball to catch.

Run and Gun
Fielding & Throwing
Developing Arm strength and speed
Place a cone or pylon near a chain link fence or back stop. Have the players start in a line and place a marker where they have to release the baseball. Have the first player in line sprint to the marker and throw the baseball and hit the pylon or target near the fence or backstop. The game continues until someone in the line hits the pylon...."Run and Gun". Great drill that develops arm speed and teaches the kids to "let it fly" to allow players to learn through random training rather than block training.