Free Baseball Practice Drills


Sonntag Sports Management is pleased to provide the Free Baseball Drill Program to amateur Baseball coaches

These baseball activity cards will be an invaluable resource for you planning your practices. Each activity is designed to help young athletes improve their baseball skills and athletic literacy, making the game of baseball more enjoyable. Links to the left load up the full series of activity cards. These cards have been developed through work of a Long Term Athlete Development program.

You can upload your own recommended baseball drills here including a picture or diagram and a written description.

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Baseball Freeze Tag
Get Bodies Moving
  • mark off an area or boundary using pylons or cones
  • one player is given a ball and has to proceed tagging the other players with the ball
  • if a player is tagged with the ball they must form a bridge with their body while waiting for another player to free them as they crawl under the bridge
  • once all players are tagged choose another person to be it

Dynamic Warm Up
Getting Ready
Sports Medicine studies have now determined that dynamic warm up is superior to static stretching for reduction of injuries and increase in performance. Prior to each practice and each game, players should go through a dynamic warm up routine to increase the responsiveness of their muscles and loosen the joints. Never let your players pick up a ball and play catch, especially throwing hard, with out a warm up and then gradual increase in activity. Warm up drills can include:

High Knees, Butt Kicks, High Kicks, Lunge, Backwards Lunge, Shuffle, Cross Overs, Big Arm Swings, Arm Circles, Arms Over / Under, Hands Up / Hands Down

To make this easy on yourself, write all these drills on a baseball (your instruction list) and hand to a different player each time putting them in charge of warm up.