Free Baseball Practice Drills


Sonntag Sports Management is pleased to provide the Free Baseball Drill Program to amateur Baseball coaches

These baseball activity cards will be an invaluable resource for you planning your practices. Each activity is designed to help young athletes improve their baseball skills and athletic literacy, making the game of baseball more enjoyable. Links to the left load up the full series of activity cards. These cards have been developed through work of a Long Term Athlete Development program.

You can upload your own recommended baseball drills here including a picture or diagram and a written description.

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Batting Tee Stance
Swing Mechanics
Using a batting tee is a great way to develop good swing mechanics and provides the opportunity to get in a lot of repetitions in a short period of time. Some of the best major league hitters take more swings on a tee than live BP (Cal Ripken Jr., Joe Mauer, Albert Pujols). At a young age teach hitters to hit the pitch in the middle of the strike zone with consistency. Keep in mind that hitting of a tee begins with proper positioning of the hitter relative to the ball.
  • place the fat part of the barrel on the back point of the plate
  • place the batters front foot just behind the knob of the bat
  • place the back foot slightly wider than shoulder width
  • reach down with the front hand (bottom hand) without moving the feet and pick up the bat
  • hold the bat straight out from the belly button and place the top hand on the bat
  • raise the barrel of the bat and position it above the back shoulder
This position enables the hitter to hit the ball properly, slightly in front of the front leg.