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The game of baseball has many decisions and strategy options available to the coach. Practice and preparation are as important as the in-game decisioin making. To help you with that we have some pointers here for you. This fielding section provides tips on defensive positional play and is organized by position and by level of instruction appropriate for the age and skill level of players. As a coach, you will need to decide which age/skill level your players are at and instruct them accordingly. For each position, a Position Profile is provided which describes the common attributes of players at that position. Not all players are suited to each position equally well, and not all players can play every position equally well. Your star players can likely play any position you ask them to, but other players need to be placed where they can most positively contribute to the team.

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For each position, a Beginner, an Intermediate, and an Advanced description is given. To go with each level, are some drills which can be used to build the skill levels necessary for the specific position. Common skills, like basic ground ball fielding, accurate throwing, and proper fly ball fielding are discussed in the Fielding Drills section of the site. The Intermediate and Advanced levels assume competence in the drills and skills from the previous level(s). At the end of each position is described “The Dream Play”. Do not expect your Beginner level player to be able to make The Dream Play. Intermediate players will make it rarely, but can make it on occasion. Advanced players can likely make the Dream Play 50% of the time in practice and less often in game situations where they are unanticipated and under pressure.

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Coach Baseball

To comment on any of these baseball tips please send us an email.  Baseball is a tremendously enjoyable game for kids to play.  These baseball coaching tips are provided to make the game easier to coach and increase the skill level of your baseball players.  This website is dedicated to the advancement of minor baseball players. It is about developing the fundamental skills of young baseball players by providing them instruction and coaching appropriate to their age and skill level.

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