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Hockey Coaching Quick Tips

We have put together a short list of some quick tips that we have learned, often from other coaches, over our years of coaching hockey. If you have any quick hockey coaching tips to add send us an email.

  1. Move the nets for the Zamboni driver at end of practice. It will gain the next team a couple of minutes of ice time if the Zamboni driver doesn't have to stop and move them nets himself.
  2. Bring the puck bucket to the pile of pucks. Shooting pucks to the buckets doubles or triples the pick up time.
  3. Let your assistants run some drills. They learn how to be in charge and the players benefit from a different style of coaching now and then.
  4. Work your players hard during tje drills and don't waste valuable ice time on conditioning. You can add off ice condotioning wothout paying the premium price of ice.
  5. When doing skating drills, send the goalies first. Other skaters can pass them and you don't have to wait at the end.


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