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Hockey Skating Drills | Hockey Passing Drills | Hockey Defense Drills | Hockey Offense Drills

These hockey drills can be one of your most valuable references for putting together your hockey practice plans.  The hockey skills drills here have been gathered from many sources, many of them submitted by hockey coaches such as yourselves.  For quick reference, we have organized the hockey drills by type of hockey skill development.  You will find hockey skating drills, hockey passing drills, hockey shooting drills, hockey offense drills, hockey defense drills, and hockey body checking drills. Many of the hockey practice drills actually cover more than one hockey skill and will be included in several places.  There is both a section on hockey checking drills and hockey body checking drills as these are related skills but can be coached separately.

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Category Name of Drill Age Level
----2-114 to 16
----Sortie de zone5 to 7
Body Checking1 on 10
Body CheckingAngle and Check11-12
Body CheckingThe gautlet14 to 16
Body CheckingMeatgrinder11 to 13
Body CheckingProtect the Dot8 to 10
Body CheckingSqueeze and Score11 to 13
BreakoutsCurly out0
Breakoutstransition 3on0 to 2on117 and older
Breakoutspenalty kill14 to 16
BreakoutsChag8 to 10
BreakoutsBreak Out Defense14 to 16
Checking4 Man Jam0
CheckingOne On One0
CheckingCatch the Puck8 to 10
CheckingFace Off Keep Away11 to 13
CheckingCorner Contain11 to 13
CheckingCheck O'mania14 to 16
CheckingCheck or be checked14 to 16
CheckingCheck or be checked14 to 16
CheckingHalfwall One One one11 to 13
CheckingBlueline one-on-one11 to 13
CheckingOne on One Four Times14 to 16
ConditioningSuicide14 to 16
ConditioningLines11 to 13
ConditioningHarder version of a suicide14 to 16
ConditioningThe Course8 to 10
ConditioningMelissa Scott----
ConditioningCHOOCHOO TRAIN----
ConditioningBack check drill14 to 16
ConditioningTryout drill14 to 16
PassingThree Way Passing9-10
PassingHorse Shoe0
PassingStationary Passing0
PassingPassing Relay Race0
PassingBox Passing0
PassingBelgium Flow17 and older
PassingGiant Horse Shoe8 to 10
Passingpassing,timming,shooting14 to 16
Passinghorse8 to 10
Passing2-0 game11 to 13
PassingPower Play----
PassingWide to Narrow17 and older
PassingFigure 8 Pairs Passing11 to 13
Passing8 pass14 to 16
PassingGive Go Follow11 to 13
PassingHP, LF, DF Falcons Drill 514 to 16
Positional Playdown low cycle14 to 16
Positional PlayNeutral Zone Trap17 and older
Positional PlayOzone Trap11 to 13
Positional PlayCorner Cycle and SCore14 to 16
Positional Play3 Man Attack11 to 13
Puck Control Bank and Go9-10
Puck ControlSwitch Circles5 to 7
Puck ControlDeke the Pylon8 to 10
Puck ControlPartner Pass and Stick Handle8 to 10
Puck Control2 Puck Relay11 to 13
Puck Controlpuck posestion14 to 16
Puck ControlFull Ice Puck Handling Course11 to 13
Puck ControlFigure 8 Pylon Fake11 to 13
Puck ControlSmall Area Battle14 to 16
ShootingMachine Gun w. pass8 to 10
Shootingtimming end shooting5 to 7
Shootingshooting11 to 13
ShootingButterfly8 to 10
Shooting2-0 game11 to 13
Shootingshooting8 to 10
ShootingChange Momentum17 and older
ShootingShoot Low - Rebound High11 to 13
ShootingEyes of the Puck11 to 13
ShootingThree Shot Warm Up11 to 13
Skating & AgilityFull Ice Train Races0
Skating & Agilityred light green light0
Skating & AgilityAgility Circuit8 to 10
Skating & AgilityDefense11 to 13
Skating & Agilityskating 8 to 10
Skating & Agilityskating F, B8 to 10
Skating & Agilityzezzle11 to 13
Skating & Agility6+9 agility drill5 to 7
Skating & AgilityBreakaway Start - Stop8 to 10
Skating & AgilityTight Turns 8 Dots11 to 13
Skating & AgilityFootwork11 to 13
Skating & AgilityReaction Turns11 to 13
Skating & AgilityIron Cross11 to 13
Skating & AgilityIron Cross11 to 13
Skating & AgilityCYA Midget Major warm up----
Skating & AgilityCircles with contact11 to 13
Skating & AgilityTransition Race----
Skating & AgilityDirection Control14 to 16

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