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Hockey Drills

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For age level: 11 to 13

Explanation: Line up the players in two staggered lines. Players should be about 2 stick lengths apart from the next player. Player 1 starts by skating towards Players 2 then giving a shoulder to shoulder body check. Immediately Player 1 then continues to Player 3 and gives a shoulder to shoulder body check, and continues down the line. This continues until Player 1 has body checked all other players. Player 1 then positions himself at the end of the line and Player 2 begins. Continue until all players have gone through the line.

Tips: Keep the lines close the players close so that the player on the move can not take a long running start at the players standing still. Players in the line should prepare themselves in a strong hockey stance and be ready to give with the check. The first time you run the drill, make it bump only drill to get players used to making and taking contact.

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