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For age level: 17 and older

Explanation: Two forwards start out at half ice and go down the ice wide. While they are going down the ice they make a good 3-4 passes. Whomever has the puck on the 3-4 pass will take it behind the net and dump it. The other forward will come from the opposite side of the net pick it up and take it back up to the red line (Where two defense will then be). The forward passes it to the defenseman, who passeses it to the other defenseman(While this is happening the two forwards are cycling at about mid ice). That defenseman then passes it to one of the forwards both the forwards go into the zone 2 on 0 in a narrower fashion and one of the defense goes in to back check. The forwards have to pass it in that zone about 4 times before being able to shoot on net.


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