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Hockey Drills

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6+9 agility drill

For age level: 5 to 7

Explanation: Players line up in one corner. First two players start out around the corner face off circle with head up and good skating stance. When they reach the top of the circle, they pivot and skate backwards until they reach the bottom of the circle. All skating is done while facing the far end of the rink. When the circle is complete the two players move to the next circle and so on until all circles are done. Two new players start on the first circle when the ones before them are finished.

Tips: 1)Make sure skaters have shoulders and hips always facing the far end of ice. 2)Control speed until all players can push and glide properly with good pivots. 3)Skaters should be always in a proper skating tripod stance.

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6+9 agility drill

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