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Hockey Drills

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2 Puck Relay

For age level: 11 to 13

Explanation: This drill develops puck control skills with quick hands. Players line up in relay race teams, three or four lines on the blue line. The first player in each line has two pucks. On the whistle, the first player skates with both pucks to the opposite blue line, back to the red center line, to the opposite goal line and returns to the line. Pucks can be passsed to the next player in line once the puck carrier crosses the center line.

Tips: Alternating pushing one puck ahead then the other will work in long straight away, but not while stopping and changing directions. Short quick touches of each puck will maintain control best. To all difficulty to the drill, have players weave a pylon course or navigate around circles. This drill is not about fast skating but quick hands.

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2 Puck Relay

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