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For age level: 14 to 16

Explanation: All players including goalies line up along the red line at one end. The right wings along the boards, then R def align with face off dots, Center off to side of net. In middle - Goalies, L Def, and finally Left wing on opposite side, We seperate lines by color so all linemates leave as unit. On whistle, right wing skates as fast and hard as he can to far harsh marks on circle, cuts to net , stopd facing slot and hits post with stick, skates back to outside circle hash marks, stop facing blueline, hits the glass with stick, back to post and back to hash marks and now all the way back to the other end hitting the glass with stick. Centers down middle to cone sharp left to boards, touch, over to far side touch, back to middle @ pylon and back all the way to glass. Def to far blueline, stopping inside and doing cross overs (step overs 10+,) 4X between pylons and skate back wards to far blue line, turn/pivot and skate hard into far end touching glass. Goalies skate out, drop down each line, blue, red, blue and skate backward to far blue line then tune pivot into end. R def and R w same as L D & W . All 5 players should come back with in 3-4 ft of one another, This drill duplicate one shift, up and down and off. 2, 3 X when in shape 5 X

Tips: Intensity, stop and turn different each time Keep the legs moving, push, Push, PUSH/SAKTE

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Back check drill

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