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Hockey Drills

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Bank and Go

For age level: 9-10

Explanation: (See right side of ice shown below.) Position one coach on each blue line, approximately 10 feet off the boards. Players line up on the goal line with a puck. Players must first skate the circle with a puck and then continue up the ice, approximately 20 feet from the boards. As they approach the coaches, they must bank the puck past the coach and continue up ice. In the offensive zone they must cut around the pylon then get in a shooting position to shoot the puck on net. X = skater, C = coach, - - - = pass or shot, ----- = skating

Tips: Coaches at first should only be obstacles but as the players progress, coaches can begin to challenge the passer and force the play by trying to stop the pass. Players will learn the amount of angle and force to use through trial and error and repetition. Coaches can vary the distance away from the boards to make players adjust. Players can also be used to substitute in place of coaches to try to break up the play.

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Bank and Go

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