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Hockey Drills

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Circles with contact

For age level: 11 to 13

Explanation: 4 players at a time skate around face off circles full speed. as that is happening there is 1 player in the middle of the circle just pushing, checking and trying to knock the players off there feet. an easy way to set it up is to have 5 players at the center circle. 5 players at a circle in a zone and 5 in the other zone. Pick a player to be in the middle and make the rest just simply do cross overs around the circle for 1 minute. after 1 minute blow the whistle and have them go the other way. once that is over chose a different player to be in the circle and repeat this until every player was in the circle.

Tips: By the end of the drill everyone should be panting so give them a break when they are done. This drill is ment to build muscle to resist hits and stay on there feet.

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Circles with contact

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