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Hockey Drills

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For age level: 11 to 13

Explanation: This drill combines tight turns, backward control, forward to backward to forward transition, and crossovers. Stage 1, players start on the boards and skate forward to the first pylon and perform a tight turn with their stick on the ice then do the same for the second and third pylons. Stage 2 players do the same drill, but skating backwards. Stage 3, players skate forwards just past the pylon then transition to backwards past the pylon in the opposite direction then transition again to forwards to the next pylon, repeating the drill for all three pylons. Stage 4, players begin from a full stop, and keeping their toes pointed at the opposite end of the rink, perform crossover to the opposite corner.

Tips: Run the players through this course a few times and it will work as conditioning as well. Start players at half speed to ensure they do the drill correctly. If they struggle with the footwork, slow them down. They need to learn the proper sequence before they can do it quickly. To add a degree of difficulty to the drill, add puck carrying.

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