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Sonntag Sports Management - Sports Marketing Management

Sonntag Sports Management

"Combining sports passion with business excellence."

What we do?

We improve the marketing efforts of local, minor and community sports organizations. Sonntag Sports Management helps your organization take your marketing message to your members and future members.

If you are ready to get started with sports marketing management we are ready to help your organization grow.

Website Management

Included in website management is all aspects of taking care of sports websites including design, updates and maintenance, creation of interactive applications, content management, and technical management.

Marketing & Communication Management

As a general goal of any organization, raising awareness is a key objective. While it could be argued that the vast majority of the population are aware of sports, increased knowledge and appreciation of the game is likely to result in increased levels of participation in the sport and increased support by outside organizations.

PR/Media Relations

With the assumption of a limited marketing budget comes the need to make wise use of available low cost and no cost channels. This is not reserved to just the use of the internet as a marketing tool but other traditional communication channels such as newspapers and television. Many sports editors and community reporters are eager to receive well prepared material that they can easily fit into their reporting routine and to fill in on “slow news days”.

Social Media Channels

The most powerful aspect of the Web 2.0 phenomenon is the meteoric growth of Social Media. To be a successful adopter of Social Media, organizations should develop a Social Media Strategy including the use of Facebook pages, Twitter, Facebook coaching Groups, YouTube video of camps, games, etc. Other than email, which was yesterdays “killer app” on the web, appealing to today’s youth requires sports organizations to be present and provide meaningful content where they are already communicating, including mobile communication.

Business Development

Besides the obvious sponsorship by suppliers to the sport of baseball, large corporations often have a mandate to provide contributions back to the communities in which they operate. The attraction of corporate sponsorship to requires a strategically executed direct campaign, ideally a “Key Account” strategy.

If you are ready to get started with sports marketing management we are ready to help your organization grow.

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