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Sonntag Sports Management : Website Design

"Combining sports passion with business excellence."

Sonntag Sports Management - Website Services

What we do?

We improve the online marketing efforts of sports businesses. Sonntag Sports Management helps your company take your marketing message to your customers, whether they are around the corner or 12 time zones away. Our specialty is building search optimized websites, making websites more friendly to search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN so that you get more traffic to your website.

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If you are ready to get started with website design we are ready to help your organization grow.

From the Ground Up

Starting from scratch is often the easiest way to properly construct a high ranking website. The advantage to starting from scratch is a clean start. The entire site can be designed to incorporate search optimization strategies. There is nothing sacred or no past "golden content" that might be sacrificed in the process of building a search engine optimized web site.

Do we fix websites?

Yes. Every website has room for improvement, many more than others. If you find that your website is performing below your expectations, we can provide you with an improved design that engages your customers and makes more effective use of your online real estate. Of course, in the process we will also perform our website optimization techniques to help bring more search engine traffic to your site. Site improvements canrange from simple tweaks to add consistency of design to the whole site, navigation improvements, modifying the graphics. or a complete site rebuild.

Online Marketing for Business Growth

Do you need help with your online marketing? Are you looking for a web marketing company to help you get started and get your company known on the internet? We can help you grow your business, quickly, cost-effectively, and generate more inquiries for your product or service. Our customers never leave us, because we keep them growing.

Web Design Rates

Our prices are reasonable, and an exceptional value. We believe that the best relationship with our clients is a long term path. We keep your up front prices low and depend on your satisfaction with our service to keep serving you. See our schedule of rates.

We would be happy to offer you any of our web design components including:

  • full service web design and hosting
  • content management site development
  • e-commerce
  • database applications
  • online reservation systems

Economy Web Site Management Package

  • domain name management
  • your own domain name
  • 2 annual content updates, additional content updates $100
  • 2 free email addresses, $15 per year additional email address
  • image gallery
  • reservation forms


$960 per year.
$560 per year renewal.

Heavy Duty Fully Managed Website Package

  • domain name management
  • your own domain name
  • all content managed and maintained by Sonntag Sports Management
  • image gallery
  • content updates any time, unlimited
  • reservation forms
  • mailing list database
  • 10 free email addresses, $15 per year additional email


$1245 first year
$760 per year renewal

Facebook Social Media Marketing Starter Package

We believe that simply having a website (hopefully a great website designed by us) is no longer enough in today's hyper-competitive environment. With the tremendous growth of online community building tools (social media) there are more channels to your customers that can be optimized to meet, connect, and communicate with current and future customers. In our opinion, the best tool for this is Facebook. If you don't know how to take advantage of this "free" marketing tool then let us set you up.

  • creating a Facebook fan page for your business / association
  • initial content loaded to the page (images, description, video)
  • establishing a minimum of 100 Facebook Fans for your page
  • instructions on how to use Facebook to continue building your contact network
  • instrautions on how to use Facebook to contact all your Fans


$250 one time fee

If you are ready to get started with website design we are ready to help your organization grow.

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