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The Complete Player Baseball Camp  saskatoon baseball
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The Complete Player Baseball Camp - Terms and Waiver

The Complete Pitcher Camps | The Complete Player Baseball Camps | Personal Baseball Instruction
The Parents of the Athletes participating in The Complete Player Baseball Camps and The Complete Pitcher Baseball Camps hereby release Galen Sonntag and Sonntag Sports from any and all liabilty in the event of an injury, of any form, which occurs in the course of the camp instruction being offered. The Parents understand that the choice to participate in the camp events involve several inherent risks including the use of baseballs, baseball bats, athletic movements, and is conducted on a hard court surface. Any and all of these objects can cause an injury to occur. Parents who either participate as volunteers in the conduction of camp drills or whom are present as observers during the camp also freely release Galen Sonntag and Sonntag Sports from any liability shold any injury occur in any relation to the camp activities. Baseball, bats, and other sports equipment may be in motion during the camp activities and may leave the designated training area. These risks are agreed to be known by the parents and are accepted as a reasonable component of the camp activities.

Participation in the camp is a paid benefit and the instructors of the camp are under no obligation to exceed the alloted time or to provide additional instruction outside the designated times and dates of the camp. Camp instructors may request that any inappropriate behavior by participants or parents be stopped immediately or the athlete will be asked to leave for the duration of that session. Continued inapproriate behavious will be grounds for the instructors to remove the athlete from all future sessions. The Parents of the Athlete will be reimbursed for the prorated portion of the remaining sessions less the $100 deposit fee.

All Athletes participating in the camp must provide their own gloves and suitable footwear for the camps. Athletes may also bring their own bat to the camp and are responsible for their own equipment during the camp. All fees must be fully paid prior to the beginning of the first camp date.

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