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Sonntag Sports Management : Coach Evaluations

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Coach TrackerTM

Paperwork? No Time? Stressed Volunteers?

Reduce the work with our Coach TrackerTM Coach Rating System

Record and store your coach evaluations in a secure database. Easy tp use web form can handle as many questions of various types that you need. No need to re-enter data. Data can be exported to a spreadsheet for further reporting. Several built in reports include by coach, by team, or by division.

A simple link (provided by Sonntag Sports Management) from your site brings your users to the Coach Ranker system.

Up tp 3 coach rankings can submitted with each form. Various question types can be used including numerical ratings, yes/no questions, or relative ranges.

Try the Coach TrackerTM

If you are ready to get started with the coach evaluation system we are ready to help your organization.

Coach TrackerTM Coach Evaluation System Pricing

Get rid of paperwork, Save time, and reduce volunteer stress for an annual subscription of only $200.

Three Step Setup

Your association can set this up on your website with a minimal amount of work. Here are the 2 easy steps to getting the Coach TrackerTM set up and ready.

1. Contact Sonntag Sports Management and we will get our systems ready for Step 2.

2. Send us your current evaluation form and the email address where you will be notified of the coach evaluations.

3. Post the custom link on your site and announce your online coach evaluation system (Note: the custom link will provided to you from Sonntag Sports Management. The custom link ensures your members go to your evaluation page.

If you are ready to get started with the coach evaluation system we are ready to help your organization.

When can we start?

We can have the Coach TrackerTM system ready to accept members submissions in less than a week. What we require up front is a copy of your current coach evaluation forms. Give us a few days and we will have your all set.


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